7 thoughts on “An Early Review

  1. Boy, that was pretty brutal. No love for the hometown filmmakers. I wonder if the notion of dubbing it in Esperanto is a reference to Leslie Stevens’ “Incubus” (the all-Esperanto feature starring William Shatner). According to IMDb, it was released three weeks before this review.

  2. Interesting. The reviewer used Diane’s model name. She watched her doily rather carefully. I need to go back to and do that.

    So appropriate how the story shares space with a free horse show and Tums, isn’t it?

  3. Cuts right to the right of things. Most appropriate review this film ever received. I would wager no reviewer ever topped this.

    Great pull out line for the DVD box: “Someone is spoofing us.” – El Paso Herald-Post

  4. Brutal, yes, but even the filmmakers left the theater before it was over because they were embarrassed.

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