5 thoughts on “Cleaning up the Lodge

  1. This is looking beyond amazing. Criterion-level amazing. Is most of the grime just residue from tape slices, or actual chemicals from the original film stock?

  2. While the rest looks outstanding, personally I think I liked the original quality for scenes of the lodge. The reason being the smudges and damage actually looked like it was on the walls, making the Lodge an even worse place.

    Cleaned up it looks just like it really was, just filmed in a crappy set without the care to make it look decrepit.

    • Keep in mind that all of this damage differs from frame to frame, is constantly in motion, and is a strain to watch in real time. Minimizing the worst of it is necessary for us to make the film watchable on a large screen, but there will still be enough grit left to keep it from looking ‘plastic’.

    • But that seems to be the purpose of the restoration project. To restore MANOS to it’s original film “quality”, so that viewers can see firsthand the “crappy set without the care to make it look decrepit”.

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