12 thoughts on “Clip #1

  1. I think this project would be the best chance for the great mythological Cinematic Titanic/Rifftrax mashup. Reintroduce the riffmasters to the brilliance of TorgoHD!!!

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  3. This is absolutely brilliant. Poor John Reynolds. My heart really goes out for him. This clip makes it seem like it was all shot just yesterday. Great, great job on the restoration. I’m so looking forward to the results and will definitely buy a copy.

    • It is a bit like traveling in time, and evoked a bit of the same emotion for me. We have seen these characters from such a great distance, and then all of a sudden they are immediate and intense. Really an unexpected pleasure to see this – thanks.

  4. Since you mentioned that you have a better audio source, I wonder if it would be possible to pull a soundtrack of sorts from the songs featured in the film? Seems like there’s plenty of long stretches of music without dialog that could be turned into 2- or 3-minute MP3s.

  5. Are you looking for help with cleaning up the soundtrack for the HD release? I am a musician, producer, and audio engineer on a semi-professional level and have experience with cleaning up audio from less than stellar sources. I would love to be involved in this project in some capacity.

  6. You guys are truly “The Master” of restoration. I have to hand it to you. Once you release it, I’ll bet there’ll be a new cult of Torgo out there. People dressing up like him for Halloween, commercials using Torgo characters, Torgo action figures … the sordid potential is limitless.

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