Debbie and Pepe

Jackey is seen here with the ill-fated Pepe, who was Hal Warren’s poodle in real life. The master’s ‘hellhound’ was played by Shanka, the Neyman’s family dog. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

3 thoughts on “Debbie and Pepe

  1. I notice that there are ‘blemishes’ on the frame. It looks kind of like ripples on the upper right-hand corner and extending towards Jackey’s head. I thought at first it may be stains on the couch she’s on (because it does look like a rather manky couch), but the same blemishes are on the wall next to the right of her head. Makes me think of dried spots of water. Do you think those are remnants of the film development process or some sort of indication of the poor quality film they used?

    As always, looking forward to the finished product.

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