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  1. I know others have mentioned getting Joel Hodgeson, Mike Nelson and various MST3K alumni involved… this is a good idea. It wouldn’t hurt to throw the idea of doing a whole new commentary track at them. Plus, their involvement would make more people interested in buying (especially if it’s brand new wisecracks). It would be great if they ALL would get involved but since they are in two separate camps now, maybe that’s not possible.

  2. It would be neat, if credits were added, that they were consistent with a film of this genre, with a low (but not necessarily Manos-low) budget. Otherwise, they will seem incongruous. Is there a digital process that can produce optical looking credits that would “match” the print?

    • Yes, it just requires a bit of extra effort on the part of whoever assembles the credits. Since it will likely be me, I’ll try to keep the look consistent.

  3. I was wondering if you would be able to locate the original music from the film and make a soundtrack CD? I know it’d be extra digging on your part, but if you make enough money to pursue it, it’d make a really cool extra bundled with the blu-ray.

    A fan made an unofficial soundtrack a few years back and it remains a constant on my i-pod. The audio is simply ripped from the movie, so dialogue is still present on a lot of the tracks. You’re obviously in contact with the people from the production, it’d be neat if the untouched music tracks surfaced.

    Another way to go would be to make an alternate music-only audio track for the blu-ray. That’d also be really cool.

  4. Have you tried reaching out to the film collector community for 35mm materials? I know I’ve seen a poster on 35mmforum.com mention that he has a 35mm print of this film. Even if it’s beet red, maybe the audio would at least be usable.

    The 2k image looks stunning, btw. What post house was it scanned at?

    • It’s a good idea, and I’ll be sure to reach out to that forum. What’s most important is that we have enough good material to choose from, and that we can completely eliminate pops, gaps or splices in the final presentation. My theatrical print has almost no splices and the audio is clear and loud, so we’re off to a good start.

      As good as 35mm optical tracks can be, I wouldn’t count out 16mm either- the new Criterion Blu-ray of ‘Island of Lost Souls’ mainly used 16mm as an audio source, and the results exceeded everyone’s expectations.

  5. Is there a way that I can make a donation in someone else’s name, i.e. my awesome partner who originally introduced me to Manos, who I would love to honor with the gift of a Blu Ray and his name in the credits upon his return from Peace Corps?

    • You absolutely can, just message me about it via Kickstarter when you make the donation. When the fundraiser concludes I’ll confirm the names and addresses.

    • Unfortunately, the Kickstarter rewards ended with the Kickstarter. If you still want to donate, there is a PayPal link on the right column of this website.

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