5 thoughts on “Manos’ Will Be Served

  1. I thought Manos was pure crap the first time I saw it. Then I dreaded it when it appeared in the listings for Elvira’s Movie Macabre revival a couple years ago. But upon second viewing, I realized it was STILL crap, but kinda likable crap. Then I found out about the restoration (wish I hadn’t been so broke at the time) and ultimately developed a genuine affinity for the flick.

    I’ve been watching these stills trickle in since January and it’s become increasingly apparent that the movie’s art. Every one of these stills are absolutely beautiful and could be hanging on a wall somewhere. I could’ve envisioned this particular still hanging in Anton LaVey’s home…

    Just wanted to say thank you for helping change my perception of this flick, and for proving that underneath the filthiest grime you can find a work of art. Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory!

    • Thank you, Vinnie!

      It seems to me that half of the people involved wanted the film to be art, while the other half wanted to make pulp. In motion, the result is supremely odd, but in stills it’s easier to appreciate those unmentioned details. This might be the one movie that’d play better as a “fumetti“.

  2. Holy art Thou, Holy art Thou, Holy art Thou.
    Seriously, all of the stills on this site look great, especially this one. I am very excited, and really look forward to the finished product.
    Thank you.

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