7 thoughts on “The Master

  1. This is awesome. That guy’s got some weapons-grade eyebrows.
    Are there any pictures where you can actually see Torgo’s hooves? I’ve never actually caught a glimpse of them, but the surviving film crew says that Reynolds was wearing the hooves for most of the film.

    • That white-faced unblinking stare is downright creepy.

      Personally I never thought that the Master came across as all that menacing in either the public domain DVD or the MST3K version, so I think this clip is an improvement in more than just sharpness and color contrast.

  2. I’m really excited for this. I have to wonder how Manos will hold up as a film on it’s own right once we can see it so sharp. I’ve been amazed by how colorful this film is, and despite lasting for far too long that shot is actually pretty cool with some fairly haunting piano. Then again, maybe I’m being kind.

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