Torgo’s Quarters

A wide shot of the room where Torgo sleeps on a bed of dirt- note that there are no hooves on his costume to speak of. A spare dress hangs over him, presumably intended for Margaret- perhaps the rope is meant for Michael. We do eventually see it used to tie the disobedient elder wife to her pillar while Torgo’s hand is burned off.

Colbert Coldwell, the respected county judge whose ranch served as the film’s sole location, would later recall that the pile of dirt was left behind after the shoot for him to clean up.

The beer bottle may have been left in frame accidentally, much like the can of lighter fluid that appears later.

6 thoughts on “Torgo’s Quarters

  1. As an earlier commenter said, I am so looking forward to this. That being said, I have to dispute what you say, oh Master. While what is seen on his feet doesn’t appear to be hooves (cloven or otherwise), they don’t at first glance appear to be boots or shoes either. From the one screenshot provided, I would surmise it to be an attempt at costuming (however badly executed), but it certainly doesn’t appear to blatantly be boots or shoes. Actually, given the girth of the protuberances at the end of Torgo’s legs, I was actually thinking of a horse’s hooves. But that may just be a case of hope over experience.

  2. Look like they may be leather shoes or boots with a slight heal and some sort of “wooly” fabric, applied over the top to maybe give an animal appearance. Not totally convincing. Maybe Togo’s body posture helped create the ilusion to on-lookers, catching glimpses of the tops of the shoes. ;)

  3. It’s shots like this that *really* show just how cropped other versions have been! Not to mention how dark this scene normally is. Of course, the other thing in my head when I see this is Joel screaming “DO SOMETHING!” :-p

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