‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’ Credits

Since we will be taking a close look at the film on this site, it is only fair that we credit the cast and crew of the film at hand.

the cast of manos: the hands of fate:

Tom Neyman    …     The Master
John Reynolds    …     Torgo
Diane Mahree    …     Margaret
Harold P. Warren    …     Michael (as Hal Warren)
Jackey Neyman    …     Debbie
Stephanie Nielson    …     Master’s Wife
Sherry Proctor    …     Master’s Wife
Robin Redd    …     Master’s Wife
Bernie Rosenblum    …     Teenager in Car
Joyce Molleur    …     Teenager in Car
William Bryan Jennings    …     Cop
Jay Hall    …     Master’s Wife
Bettie Burns    …     Master’s Wife
Lelanie Hansard    …     Master’s Wife
Pat Coburn    …     Girl in Convertible
Pat Sullivan    …     Girl in Convertible
George Cavender    …     Cop


the crew of manos: the hands of fate

Produced and Directed by
Harold P. Warren

Original Music by
Russ Huddleston
Robert Smith Jr.

Cinematography by
Robert Guidry

Film Editing by
Ernie Smith
James A. Sullivan

Costume Design by
Tom Neyman (as Thomas Ivy)

Makeup Department
Jacqueline Neyman (as Jacqueline)

Production Management
Jay O. Lawrence

Art Department
Tom Neyman
Stephane Goulet

Sound Department
Bruce Shearin

Joyce Molleur
Bernie Rosenblum

Camera and Electrical Department
Bernie Rosenblum
Jesse Simon

Script Supervision
Norma Friedman

6 thoughts on “‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’ Credits

  1. Hi Ben
    Just side notes for your own info.
    Both my parents designed the costumes. My mom made the Master’s robe and the wives costumes at home. To make the credits seem like more people were involved, my dad is listed as Thomas Ivy (Ivy is his middle name)
    under Costume Design and my mother is listed as Jaqueline Neyman under Makeup Dept although her name is simply Jackey like me. That was so not to confuse us as the same person.

    • Jackey: Maybe you could redub your lines. :)

      Joe: Is the IMDB trivia point true that the opening was supposed to have the opening credits/titles on them? This could be easily done now days, but are you going to keep this a rsotration only or will yo-u choose to modify some technical things like this?

  2. Hey, Master, Music Box Theater here in Chicago is showing the new remastered version over consecutive midnight showings in the next couple of weeks. This is going to be the greatest Halloween ever: Maybe I’ll go to every showing!!! What the heck, I don’t usually do anything much at midnight anyway, since the wives ran away.

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