Our Sincere Thanks

A most sincere thank you to the city of El Paso for their tremendous hospitality towards Jackey Neyman Jones and myself this weekend! Only a matter of feet away from where the film had premiered 46 years ago, over 300 people of all ages came out for our ‘Manos‘ event… a few even in costume. I was as happy as anyone to hear that Jackey’s many great stories from the set will soon find their way into a book.

One of the many, many highlights of the evening was meeting people who had actually attended the legendary original screening in 1966. It was a tremendous compliment to hear from one such person that the restoration, even unfinished, was looking better than the film ever had in its original release.

8 thoughts on “Our Sincere Thanks

  1. This is from the 16mm release print, correct? Although the end credits were done after the film was cropped, is it acceptable or within your goals to use them in place of replicas overlaying the uncropped footage?

    • The way to properly handle the end credits is still under consideration. I will soon be testing out a digital recreation of the end titles over the uncropped footage, and if they are satisfactory (not too digital-looking) they will end up in the final version. Restoration credits will follow the original credits, without altering the flow of the originals.

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