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Our partners in the distribution of Manos, Synapse Films, has begun talking publicly about the disc release. Announced so far as extras are the audio commentary from Jackey and Tom Neyman, the documentaries (one long, two short) that I produced with Daniel Griffith at Ballyhoo Motion Pictures.

Disc authoring, duplication, and packaging on a retail scale is a far more complex and lengthy undertaking than one may be aware of. Everything, right down to the bar code on the packaging, requires sufficient time and money to put in place. The contents of the disc itself are inspected with care in a series of test pressings- hence this image posted by Synapse:

manos_testdisc The retail release of the disc is determined not only by the length of this quality control process, but by when the company’s resources will best support the mass duplication and distribution of the final product. This is an exciting time, though I’m only slightly involved at this point. I’ll share what information I get as it arrives, and the most immediate updates will be found on our Facebook page.

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