Introduction of Torgo

torgo-62Today would have been the 72nd birthday of John Reynolds, the one and only “Torgo”. Right from his first close-up, Reynolds (then 25) is one of the main reasons this film remains such an object of fascination.

3 thoughts on “Introduction of Torgo

  1. He essayed an unforgettable horribly comic character that proved way ahead of its time. It took a special outlier talent to do that. It’s fortunate that soon we’ll be able to appreciate it in a restored print, which is a fitting legacy.

  2. The train wreck of plot and production in Manos can distract us from the truly endearing, fun, and occasionally entrancing acting brought by the cast. Reynolds’ twitchy, wacky delirium deserves his current recognition. He needed a new sensibility in new media for his craft to have a chance to gain an appreciative audience. Had he been able to hold on another few years to see the flowering counterculture, he might have been one of the great gonzo comics of the 70’s.

    Thanks, Torgo, for being a presence in the dark nights of my youth.

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